Help Finish the Conover-Phelps Trail

Complete the Trail - By the yard, by the mile!

An important community asset for generations to come. Building the last 2.2 miles will bring the trail right into Phelps' lakefront park. Conceptual designs for the $260,000 project are in place and so is a $20,000 grant from Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company.

Take advantage of a $15,000 matching grant. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar through December 31st. 

Donate as you are able to build one yard, 5 yards, 10 yards, 50 yards or more!

By the yard -  1 yard - $60   5 yards - $300   10 yards - $600  
                    20 yards - $1,200   50 yards - $3,000   100 yards - $6,000

By the mile -  1 mile - $100,000     Half-mile - $50,000    
                      Quarter-mile - $25,000     Eighth-mile -$12,500 

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